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Poison was Socrates' first choice. His death was a sacrifice in order to assist advance the cause of free speech. Today, the capacity to communicate one’s opinions is just as crucial as it was back then. In reality, the internet and Web 2.0 were created because of this.
Social media firms have seized control of the free exchange of ideas somewhere along the line. Censorship, misuse of user data, and monopoly have all contributed to the demise of a vision that had been under development for more than two thousand years.
Everything changes with Web 3.0 and Solcial.
Solcial is a social network built on the Solana blockchain that is decentralized. To prevent censorship and to fairly compensate users and content providers, Solcial makes it possible for anybody to share anything, anywhere, at any time, without asking permission. A social networking and monetization platform for cryptocurrencies that is really open.


Content that could be too political, provocative, or just different has been censored by tech companies and governments. Censorship of crypto-related information is becoming more common.
Creators face unfair commercialization and a lack of options for earning money. It is the platform, not the inventor, that benefits from Web 2.0’s business model of commercialization.
Misuse of personal information collected from users. A number of recent breaches reveal that major internet firms are collecting and selling user data.
It’s hardly unexpected that Jack Dorsey departed Twitter and that Facebook had no option but to rename to Meta in light of all these defeats. At this point, public dissatisfaction with contemporary social media platforms is at an all-time high.
Web 3.0 has the potential to correct all of Web 2.0’s social media’s flaws. Finally, we’ve got the technology in place.
What Solcial is doing is establishing a Web 3.0 social network; a completely open crypto platform for networking and monetization.

It is impossible for the Solcial team to filter material since they built their platform on top of the Solana blockchain. All of the action will take place on-chain in an open, permissionless, and censorship-free environment.
With the ability to write posts and comments, you’ll be able to communicate with friends and influential figures in your field. In addition, you may use real-time data to communicate your trading ideas to your fans.

Amazing Discovery!

You may buy NFTs from your friends and followers. NFT galleries also allow you to interact with your favorite artists and celebrities.

Alongside the help of Solcial, artists will be able to make money while allowing their followers to grow with them.
In order to utilize the Solcial platform, you must own the primary Solcial token (SLCL), which gives you access to the site’s content, discounts, and voting rights over its future direction.
Token of Your Own. Until the user chooses to sell their tokens in order to monetise their services, each user will possess their own tokens. When you join up, you get 1 million coins, which is the same for everyone.
In order to be paid, you have to invest in a subscription model. As a result, there are three subscription tiers for following people: Tier 1 is free, Tier 2 is paid, and Tier 3 requires token ownership.
When clients become owners in a company, the content creators become businesses in their own right.
Tokens may be bought and sold by anybody, and then withdrawn to a personal wallet. In the true spirit of cryptocurrency, the platform is completely open.
Bloggers who only send newsletters to subscribers who own their token, influencers who only share insights with those who own their token, and artists who only present private concerts to those who own their token are just a few examples of how NFTs might be used.

Bringing Back Internet Privacy

The cherry on top? In order to do this, there is no need to gather and sell user data. Solcial does not maintain, store, or sell any user data since it is all kept in IPFS.
The Solcial team is uniquely qualified to bring this vision to reality, with executive-level leadership experience, blue-chip knowledge, and decentralized storage know-how. Goldman Sachs, Apple, and the 30-under-30 list are all part of the team’s resume.

If Socrates used it, it’s good enough for the world’s most successful investors.
It was announced today that the startup Solcial has secured $2.9 million in funding headed by Alameda Research, with the help of other investors such as Solana Capital, NOIA Capital, GBV, and Rarestone Capital.
While Charles Read, a partner at Rarestone Capital, has been a crypto native for some time, he believes that a decentralized network would allow consumers greater freedom and influence in what occurs.
An outstanding use of the funds has been made. Marketing, product development, and recruiting for the social network.
Solcial is also aided by a worldwide network of supporters that share the same goal.


Social media will be utterly upended by Solcial. A censorship-resistant ecosystem has never previously been possible for us to own and profit from our information. Web 3.0’s pioneering technology removes the drawbacks of Web 2.0 and replaces them with all the advantages of Solcial. Finally, the future has here.



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