ANDX token will be issued on Binance Chain to unlock more value.

A Good News for Arrano Network Community supporters and ANDX token holders.
ANDX token is presently given additionally on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) as a feature of our answer for high-going gas expenses and tracking down new open doors into developing higher worth of the token.

*ANDX token will be among the first multi-chain coin to issue on BEP20 along worth ERC and TRX networks

*The token will be open to Bridge Swap between ERC20 to BEP20 for the existing holders and new buyers in the pre-sale phase.

*This initiative was taken into action due to high ranging Gas Fee on Ethereum and also looking at the new opportunities.

*ANDX is projected to be listed on PanCake Swap and other Binance based exchanges.

*Arrano Network will be submitting an application to the Binance Chain community to get listed on Binance DEX.

How would I Swap?
The Swap will be open by third walk and legitimate direction will be given to clients to explore through the fruitful trading from the site.



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