The day has at last come for PolkaEx to be completely live on Astar Network!!
This article centers around how to procure $PKEX in PolkaEx’s homesteads and pools with MetaMask, how to add Astar Network in Metamask, how to move tokens to Astar Network and how to begin acquiring!

Step by step instructions to add Astar Network to Metamask

Stage 1: Visit the PolkaEx dApp:

Stage 2: Click the organization button, click on Astar to get Astar Network added to your Metamask naturally:

Or then again you can add Astar network by means of the manual approach to adding networks by opening the Settings menu in your Metamask and clicking RPC to add another organization. Utilize the organization settings beneath:

Network Name: Astar Network
Chain ID: 592
Currency Symbol: ASTR
Block Explorer URL:

Note: We suggest utilizing Metamask with PC generally, eventhough PolkaEx is additionally viable with cell phones.

Instructions to move tokens to Astar Network

Note: Sending PKEX, USDC and USDT from Ethereum mainnet to Astar Network is just accessible on cBridge now. Utilize the aide underneath to connect your resources for Astar organization:

1. Visit the cBridge dApp through ( and associate your wallet;
2. Pick "Ethereum Mainnet" as sending(From) organization and pick "Astar Network" as receiving(To) organization;
3. Pick PKEX and enter the sum you need to move;
4. Click "Move" and affirm the exchange.

Note: in the event that you can’t observe PKEX in the Ethereum network token rundown, click the button in red circle twice to invigorate.
After the exchange is finished, you should change to Astar Network to check the PKEX balance.

The most effective method to send ASTR from Polkadot.js to MetaMask.

If it’s not too much trouble, ensure you have introduced a Polkadot.js wallet (Click here to introduce in the event that you haven’t effectively introduced:
1. Open your Polkadot.js wallet: Astar Portal:;
2. Change to Astar Network to check your ASTR balance;
3. Click move and finish up your Ethereum address.

After the exchange is finished, you should change your Metamask to Astar Network to check the ASTR balance.

Step by step instructions to begin acquiring $PKEX (Debug adaptation)

Since you presently have PKEX/ASTR/USDC/USDT in your Matamask on Astar Network, you can decide to give liquidity to any of the accompanying sets (ASTR-PKEX, ASTR-USDC, USDC-USDT).

You can add liquidity by means of the Swap page or Farms page by clicking "Get LP"
#1: Get LP

#2: After gettng your LP tokens from giving Liquidity, click on Approve, affirm the exchange and snap on Stake as displayed underneath

There is additionally a solitary marking choice for clients who need to acquire simply by marking single tokens, for example, (ASTR, PKEX) in pools.
In excess of 400,000 PKEX altogether to be procured!!
Have a great time procuring!!! 💰💰💰
An instructional exercise video will likewise be not far off…
Compassionately join our main authority message bunch assuming that you have any inquiries:



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